Do you need to replace or conserve a period piece?


We can repair period furniture, and conserve antique pieces. If you wish, we can replicate your heirloom, both in style and joinery method. We are experienced in building traditional furniture, and very much enjoy the process.

We specialize in replicating furniture, restoring orginal finishes, repairing components, joints and veneers, restoring graining, faux finishing, marquetry, inlay, and gilding.

 To start the process, it’s as simple as 1,2,3.


1. Upload 1 or more photos. Clear, well taken pictures are good. We would like a picture showing the entire piece, close ups of details, and pictures from each side.

2. Describe what you want done and send us measurements.

3. We’ll call you asap to discuss your restoration or reproduction project and provide you with an estimate!

antique restoration standards


Here at Vintage, we care a great deal about the quality and care that we put into all of our work,

and I want to share specifically our goals and standards of our approach to antique restoration.

We will not use modern glues or finishes that detract from future maintenance of your antique.

We strive to have our work be reversible for future repairs and will not remove any materials that can be saved.

Patches will be small; materials will match.